3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Website

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There are 2.32 billion smartphone users in the world, who are potential customers and can fully navigate your business website and even make purchases through their personal devices. In total there are approximately  4 billion mobile users in the world, and even many of the low-end devices can access the web. Apart from making your business modern, a mobile website is much needed to stay ahead of the competition. A site can be used to service existing customers as well as inform potential ones. Irvine mobile web design is up to date c with the advances in communication and digital technologies.  If you are still wondering if you should create a mobile presence for your business or not, below are some facts and reasons that will help you choose the right path.

Mobile searches are now favorites

More than 55% of web searches, on leading search engines such as  Google, Bing and Yahoo are now conducted on mobile devices. The desktop rule might be soon over, as the modern consumer prefers search using his or her smartphone, by simply tapping the “voice” search button. Smartphones can operate pretty much everywhere,  whether one is at home, the office or travel. This increased accessibility to your online service will most definitely translate into profits.

Integration of SEO

Search Engine Optimization now extends to mobiles, which when used correctly lists your service on the first-page search of a mobile device. Customers can buy your product through a single tap, and hence the ease of purchasing is enjoyable for the consumer. You can easily integrate the voice or text keywords in your business website content pages, and increase your online sales. A leading SEO company will help you integrate all the is and make you successful and popular at a reasonable cost.

Perks for the customers

The reward programs, as run by several successful online companies, have shown how minor efforts can increase both customer retention and conversion rates. The QR (Quick Response) codes are also used by the companies for making their offerings appear more genuine and wanted;  consumers can scan them on their smartphones to display the special perks and offers.

You also stand to gain from better consumer relationships and can witness increased popularity of your brand, as anything on smartphones is easily shareable on social media (including Facebook and Twitter among others). The introduction of the 4G communication technology has further reduced the loading time of the mobile websites and has improved the consumer experience manifold. The best SEO Company in California will offer you greater ROI and the best bang for your buck when you invest in mobile website and SEO.

PowerPhrase Announced Platform for Excellent Web Designing Services

30th April 2017, Santa Ana, California: If you are planning to launch your brand new business site and looking for the best service provider in the industry, then bank on the Web Designing Services of PowerPhrase for best output.

Web designing is a creative process which can be used for presenting websites in an impressive and eye soothing manner. A website design company Irvine encompasses several features which, include web page layout, content presentation, as well as graphic designing and color selection. In layman language, the term web design and web development are used for the same meaning. But from a technical point of view, web designing is nothing but a subset of a broader category called web development.

PowerPhrase Web Design Company emerged as one of the trusted names in the industry for offering excellent support and service for responsive web design. The professionals of these company are known for crafting such sites which are not only pleasing to the eyes of the visitors but also user-friendly, irrespective of the fact as which platform is used for its development.

PowerPhrase is a complete customer-centric company which gives importance to the expectations and satisfaction of the clients who approach them for their company site. Be it any company and of any size, the experts of the firm do not mind accepting the work as for them all customers are equally important and is the reasons for firm’s success in the industry.

The dedicated services and qualified staff of the company managed to create a niche position for it in the industry. The services of the company are not restricted to Orange County Website Design Company only, but there are many other services which are offered by this firm to provide great IT support to the companies looking for the same. Time and effort are given for every individual project undertaken by the company. The experts discuss in detail about the expectations, company products, nature of the business and many other things before starting the designing process. The experts are giving the needed support to the client firms for diagnosing monthly SEO & traffic. This will help firms to chalk out the plans for next line of action in the business.

The experts of PowerPhrase are client friendly and they know how to understand the client requirement and what next they need to suggest to give the site a promising look so that it can grab the attention of the audience in one go. Trusting on the services of PowerPhrase will never disappoint you.

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How To Hire A Competent SEO Company

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The hiring of a competent SEO company is not only desirable but is also necessary to be successful and have a larger customer base.

While it is not easy to identify the best and most professional of SEO services, efforts undertaken in the right direction will ensure that your decision remains fruitful, for a long time to come. Below are some useful tips that will help you choose and hire the most competent and reputed of all SEO service providers.

Creation of Content

Content is a very important part of SEO, apart from links, PPC campaign, and other SEO techniques. A leading company will create the unique, original and fresh content for you, as part of their SEO service, through its own writers, or by hiring the professionals and experts. If the SEO company you choose does not create the content for you (including the blog posts, articles, press releases, product/service descriptions etc.), you should search for another option.

Up to date technologies

Marketing evolves with time, like many aspects of business. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also equally affected by technological/digital evolutions, and customer preferences. For instance, the content rich AMPs (accelerated mobile pages) were unimaginable in the past. While there are numerous SEO and online marketing firms out there, effective firms like Powerphrase stay up to date with all industry technologies. .

Reputation and History

A reputed digital marketing company has the compelling and profound reputation. It has a long and impressive client list, and a portfolio to showcase their achievements, on the world-wide web. The company may display its client list on its own website, which can be easily confirmed through personal visits, email or direct calling.

Stupendous Interaction and Communication

A customer friendly online marketing company leaves no stones unturned to satisfy your inquisitiveness. It remains in your content throughout the project, and even after it so that your needs and wishes are best amalgamated with the project. The initial clue comes from the responsiveness of the customer care team of an SEO company. The best of SEO companies will stress more on your project requirements, and the payments and fee would be mentioned later. They might also do the preliminary screening and assessment free of cost, to identify the exact improvement requirements.

Following of the “White Hat” Techniques

The best SEO Company in California follows an ethical path and adopt only the White Hat techniques. There are adequate transparency and accountability in the service as well.

Following of Timelines

A leading and professional digital marketing company would not deviate from the time schedule, and discipline will be a hallmark of the service.

Identifying the Defaulters

Here are some tips for screening.

  • Defaulters and poor performers often make the best promises. If a company claims to provide your website “number spot of Google within a week”, or offers a lucrative money-back guarantee, you need to probe deeper. These promises are often just for luring the companies, and later you might find a number of terms and conditions applied towards the realization of these promises and guarantees.
  • The offers coming to your inbox, without you signing up for any email subscriptions, are also often from the incompetent companies. They indulge in mass marketing, as they do not find legitimate business, because of their poor performance.
  • Making the claim “we submit your website to the Google and other search engines”. The claim does not hold true as the engines search your website and web pages automatically if you have included the right SEO techniques.
  • No client list and no referrals
  • Hiding of facts or information  

Follow the above-given tips to get the best value for money deal, and to achieve greater RO or Return-On-Investment towards your SEO campaign.

The Integrated SEO Service Package Of PowerPhrase Proves To Be Immensely Profitable For Businesses

15th April 2017, Santa Ana, California: Google is the favorite search engine in the world, and has more than 70% of the market share, followed by Bing. Millions of people search these leading web sources to know more about what they want or need. SEO or Search Engine Optimization brings  online businesses and customers closer, and helps businesses improve online sales tremendously, by only incurring minor expenditures. PowerPhrase, a leading SEO and web design company in California, has changed the fortune of many businesses, and helped them achieve tremendous success through its integrated, tailor-made and customized SEO campaigns and services.

PowerPhrase modifies and improves many aspects of ecommerce and or business websites, so that it can achieve the highest search engine rankings. The PowerPhrase SEO package has on and off-site tools and much more to offer.

We first conduct a website analysis, running audits, mobile compatibility and responsiveness , the Google penalty review and check, back link analysis and the competitor analysis, among other reviews and studies.

With the audit results confirmed, we performs On-Page SEO whicht includes optimization of meta and title tags, images, content, and internal links. It also carries out the sitemap and URLs creations, and sets up the Google and Bing webmaster tools. PowerPhrase also enhances a business’s local customer base through the local audit, and via the creation of the Yelp, Bing, Google, Classified Ads and other local add-ons.

PowerPhrase also lays a special emphasis on Social Media Optimization (SMO), which is so necessary to reach the target customer base. Its SMO efforts span all leading social media websites including Facebook, You Tube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ among others. Further, the painstaking and time seeking manual link build-up SEO process is also done by PowerPhrase, manually. It creates the image sharing links, business listings, and video/Doc/PDF/Audio sharing links from scratch. The company has a dedicated content-writing author cell as well, and also hires professionals and experts, in order to create press releases, blogs, articles, guest posts, forum postings and other original, fresh and engaging content. Several clients of the company, including Poolsite Solutions, King Cabinet, and others have achieved stupendous ROI through the well-crafted SEO services of PowerPhrase.

It seems that customer satisfaction is one of the mottos of the reputed Orange County website company, and we have a detailed and relevant reporting process as well, which is carried out once the initial SEO project work has been completed. It offers its clients the keyword, work, Google analytic, and the backlink improvement reports weekly, and also provides a detailed monthly report. PowerPhrase uses Skype for its client meetings and is known and appreciated for its customer-friendliness.

About the company:

PowerPhrase has carved out a commendable and “favourite” niche for itself, in its few years of existence. The company now offers Web design and development, SEO, email marketing, social media management, and digital marketing services to its worldwide base of cons

Benefits Of SEO And Online Marketing For Small Businesses


While SEO – Online Marketing  is benefiting for all businesses, it holds special and larger fruitfulness for the smaller companies and businesses who can achieve tremendous ROI on smaller investments.

Here are the benefits of an SEO company and an online marketing service, for a small business.

Customer Friendliness

Consumer friendliness is the hallmark of the well-established and reputed business. A new or a small company needs to create a large and loyal customer base in order to grow. A website design company in Irvine, along with its expert SEO service, addresses and solves the issues that are the hurdles in the path of success of a small and newly established firm. It creates a rapport with the customers and provides for a customer friendly web presence. it provides the customer relevant information that he or she seeks, in the form of content and infographics. It improves the website navigation and makes it faster as well, through the integration of new web development and design techniques, features and tools.  The enhanced intuitiveness and richer user experience ensure that the users and web surfers see you as an honest and consumer friendly company.

Enhancing the customer retention and conversion rates

SEO is primarily about increasing sales and revenues. The keywords, links, machine learning and other SEO aspects and features help you reach the target customer base easily. More customers reach to the website of a small business, and its product/service listings through the PPC (Pay Per Click) and email campaigns and you witness greater customer conversion rates as well, by incurring only minor expenditures.

Explore the international business boundaries

The web has a worldwide community of users. Apart from reaching out to regional and national customers, SEO also helps you to reach the international customers, by incurring no extra expenditures. The web is full of e-commerce websites that sell products internationally. With time, you can have your warehouses at multiple international locations, to provide for a speedier delivery.

Mobile compatibility

M-commerce or mobile commerce is steadily overtaking the PC-based e-commerce and the major e-commerce websites in India and abroad are already witnessing their major chunk of business coming through their mobile Apps. SEO, and Irvine mobile web design is also mobile ready with its AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages (load 4 times faster on the mobile devices in comparison to the general web pages), App based user interface and other features. SEO helps you to target the mobile customers specifically from day 1, and has tremendous positive implication towards extending the reach of a small business.

Brand Awareness

SEO creates the positive brand awareness and reputation across web portals. It integrates within itself the SMM or Social Media Marketing, forum listings and other content and links that provide for greater and worthwhile brand recognition for small businesses, at low costs.

SEO helps your business be lucrative 24*7 and helps you overtake competition easily. With time, it is also receiving new upgrades and is in line with the modern developments, so as to match the consumer preferences fully.