4 New Trends In Website Design In 2017

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New trends in website design many-a-times emanate out of the old ones. Following these is necessary in order to stay up-to-date. The new trends also often improve end-user performance or make a website better in other subtle or major ways. As thousands of new developers join the bandwagon each year, there is no shortage of innovations. The closed and seemingly simple compositions are slowly being replaced by the open, cut or even broken styles and the content overlay structure is also taking new forms now.

Here are the 4 new trends that are getting popular in 2017, and many of them will be the mainstays in future. A leading Orange County website design company may well present you one of these!

The open structure composition

The static websites with content symmetry and closed structure are now replaced by the much more exciting and imaginative open structure composition. A modern web design company may create elements flee off the screen, and make the user explore more. One example of this kind of website structure is romainpsd.com. The user here gets the impression of the website being larger than the monitor, and an impression that the whole page cannot be seen.


While earlier websites were judged on the basis of their symmetry () the new trend opens up a new chapter of asymmetry, which is a lot more stylish, developer friendly and even useful. The layouts of the web page of these new websites do not balance each other on the two respective sides. Much more than just being different, the display creates inquisitiveness in the user while also giving the next millennium look. See the website dada-data.net/en/ here.  


While the minimalistic web design approach was a favorite for a long time, an Orange County website design company may exploit the freedom and move on to the chaotic web designs as well. These websites have youthful exuberance and offer a way out of the boredom of the previous websites. While the textures and colors remain the same, the location of the web page elements is changed in order to make them look exciting, vivid and charming. See the website here to experience the difference.

Increase in the usage of patterns and formation of richer backgrounds

Web developers today aim to make the background more interesting, and also include the vivid patterns, for instance stripes and small dashes, among others. The grid lay out pattern is getting increasingly common, and the frame includes the other elements of the page structure as well.

Search Engine Optimization: A key tool for attracting traffic to site

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Seasonal SEO services And Revenue Generation

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Seasons have a major impact on a business and its revenue. SEO services or Search Engine Optimization not only helps you witness better search engine rankings it also helps a business overcome revenue deficits that occur because of the changing seasons. The marketing costs, projections, and estimates may vary according to the season., SEO strategies help keep you profitable year round.

Types of seasonal SEO

Seasonal SEO is much like the regular SEO, but it targets the customers after taking into account time, seasons and other themes. We can classify seasonal SEO under:

  • Time-based SEO: Optimization that takes into account winter, summer and other seasons of a year.
  • Event based SEO: Optimization on the basis of holidays and other kinds of events (for instance Thanksgiving, Christmas, and others).

The overall impact of a sound and well-implemented seasonal SEO strategy is the increase in the conversion rates so that our revenues do not fall down during the off seasons. A leading Digital Marketing specializes in seasonal strategies as well. SEO considers the needs and wishes of the customers, so that relevant information is provided during the respective season. Seasonal SEO Infographics and content can also be used each year during the given season, and while the seasonal content cannot be used at any time of the year, it helps you get all the data you need for cross-selling and the up sells.

Points to be remembered while laying the SEO strategy

The best of marketing efforts are well planned much before they are actually commenced upon.  See to it that the entire marketing team is ready and willing to take on the seasonal SEO project 3 or 4 months before the season. Some points to be remembered while forming the strategy are:

  • Focus on the events and dates that would be crucial in your marketing calendar
  • Include the freebies and promotions (if any)
  • The message-season relationship should be clearly and eloquently established
  • Do the efforts to find out the right keywords ( an SEO company can help you in that)
  • Optimize the content for the specific and target customer groups and publish accordingly
  • Also, optimize the landing pages in accordance to the seasonal SEO keywords
  • Include the improvements that you have derived from the feedbacks and analytics earlier

The campaign stages

The seasonal SEO strategy can be commenced upon and accomplished in the following stages.

Ramp up time: This is the time that happens a few months prior to the actual season. For instance, if you have a fireplace and chimney repair service, the ramp up period would be from August to November. The target customer base here would be those who have the fireplaces for some time now and would be requiring a service.

Engagement time:  The busiest of the season will span from November to February. A more direct marketing approach will be more fruitful here. Content rich in keywords (text and/or voice) and other SEO tools can be used in order to reach the local customers.

Slow down time: Once the winters start to fade away, we can reach the customers through some other related products.  

Remember that the discount and special price offers are more availed by the customers during the off-seasons, and hence seasonal SEO should include these during the “low-sale” times.


Seasonal SEO relies heavily on the long-tail keywords. These keywords are more relevant, and users also use them when doing the “voice” searches through the smartphones. A Los Angeles mobile SEO company will help you to get the most relevant and popular keywords for your business website.

Seasonal SEO event calendar

An event calendar, when made initially at the start of the marketing campaign, helps you to implement your seasonal SEO strategy better. See to it that the calendar has:

  • All special events, holidays and seasonal points well marked
  • A tailor-made plan for each of the special dates
  • A  seasonal SEO strategy for social, organic, email and social marketing. An integrated approach works better.

Once you have the calendar and strategy ready, you can create the content and Infographics well in advance, and implement the seasonal strategy once the time comes.

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