PowerPhrase Offers Bundled Hosting and an E-commerce Service Package To Businesses Worldwide

March 31, 2017, Santa Ana, California, USA: The industry of e-commerce in the USA, and around the whole world, is showing no signs of receding. While the e-commerce (retail only) figure in the US stood at $396.7 billion in the year 2016, it is expected to reach a value of $684 billion by the year 2020. While there are a number of e-commerce and web development companies in the US that help businesses serve online customers, PowerPhrase (a web design company in California) is still leading the “favorite” race by adjusting to futuristic patterns and technological evolutions in its E-Commerce and web development services.

A SEO company well known for its expert digital marketing and web design caterings, we have now rolled out a bundled service package for online businesses. Under the package, the company offers both e-commerce and web hosting services to its online clients, who are delighted by the affordability and benefits of the deal.

The best SEO Company in southern California, PowerPhrase offers e-commerce pages for both services and products. It has solutions for shopping carts or  payment processors and also extends the service to include mobile devices, which is a dire necessity for any online business today. The secured payment processors or gateways can process payments made by all kinds of credit/debit cards, net banking, digital wallets and other modern methods that enable you to sell both nationally and internationally. As a leading web design and development company, PowerPhrase has also got expertise in creating state-of-the-art products pages that have the product images, product dimensions, shipping information, other descriptions, pricing and strategically integrated payment and “share” (for social media) buttons.

While these services were offered by the company before as well, it is now also offering the web hosting services for its e-commerce solutions. Through these services, online businesses can have a PCI certified compliant system for their website, and can easily manage the whole online store/e-commerce site through their web browser. They can also do a number of customizations.

The spokesperson of PowerPhrase confirmed “We are in a state of exceptional enlightenment through the information that we have achieved through the consumer study. On the basis of the findings, we have created this affordable and useful package deal for all or clients who seek to have generous e-commerce features integrated into their online business websites, along with a secured hosting platform that also offers them freedom in customization.”

About the Company:

PowerPhrase is a reputed and leading digital marketing company that is based in the USA. It offers digital and email marketing, SEO, Social Media Management, e-Commerce, and Web Design and Development services to businesses worldwide, at affordable costs. It’s long, impressive and satisfied client list includes RV Parts Center, The Royal Lahaina Resort, and Richard Steels, among others.

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Power Phrase Announces Best Discount on Its SEO and Web Development Services

Los Angeles, California March 9, 2017 – Based in Los Angeles, USA, Power Phrase has made a niche of its own in the Web Design and SEO Services. Power phrase is a full-service company which crafts websites that are aesthetically pleasant and user-friendly. Being a customer centric company, its only mission is to make dreams come true.

Every creation of the company not only provides an exceptional experience for the users but is of a superior quality that is a delight to be viewed. They cater to customers around the globe in need of design and the service of digital marketing. Today’s generation is more familiar with digital marketing, and this Los Angeles-based SEO Company offers high-quality digital marketing services with the aid of its creative experts.

In a continuing effort to help its customers get the most out of their partnership, Power Phrase has announced through its Web Development Service system, a free SEO service for one month. The most thorough SEO Company in Irvine is leaving no stone unturned so as to provide its clients the highest possible ranking in all major search engines.

When contacted, the Company Spokesperson proudly affirmed the offer and quoted: “We at Power Phrase have always endeavored to help its customers attain profits they have always dreamt of. We turn their dreams into reality. We are renowned for bringing words to life, that’s why we are the best in our field. We aim to achieve the best possible result. Keeping this in mind the company has decided to offer its customer a one-month SEO service at no cost. This announcement of ours is in furtherance of helping everyone to advertise digitally.”

Further adding, “Power Phrase is renowned for its quality designs, our Account Executives and SEO experts are hawk-eyed on the evolving world of Search Engines, which helps us develop a winning strategy. We handle each project with creativity, but also systematically. The trust of our customers is the main factor that drives us.

Power Phrase handles the soup to nuts of Digital Marketing. Our creative wizards provide industry-specific e-commerce solutions for SEO’s, web design, and website templates. We don’t just give you the best in SEO, but we strive to be more effective with every project, hence why we continue to monitor our customer’s SEO through SEO traffic reports.

About Powerphrase:

Power Phrase is the most preferred and successful SEO Company in Orange County, California, Irvine and Los Angeles. We work towards making a company ‘numero uno’ on Search Engines. Our aim is to end every client’s stress of maintaining the number one spot on Search Engines. Other than Optimizing for Search Engines we also specialize in creating aesthetic websites and Mobile Apps.


PowerPhrase Launched 3 New Websites in November

PowerPhrase Web Design Services is a full-service search engine optimization and web design company dedicated to providing responsive web design services aimed at crafting websites.

PowerPhrase Web Design Services is a full-service search engine optimization and web design company dedicated to providing responsive web design services aimed at crafting websites that will remain aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, regardless of the platform being used. PowerPhrase is a customer-centric company where developers create “app-like” mobile device experiences, guaranteeing an optimal user interface(UI).

In continuing its excellent track record with responsive website rebuilds for businesses of all kinds, PowerPhrase launched 3 new rebuilt websites for clients in November. As an experienced and professional web design firm, PowerPhrase designed and built the 3 new websites utilizing not only the latest and best SEO strategies but also created mobile friendly and responsive websites for all clients. Each website was customized to achieve business-specific goals and designed for an exceptional user experience.

The first was for a travel agency, Solo Travel Services, specializing in cruises in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. Solo Travel Services builds custom cruises uniquely crafted by our expert travel agents. Vacation packages are designed to exceed personal expectations while not exceeding your budget!

The second was a new website for an existing client, representing the Green Acres Community, a mobile home park in Chattanooga. Green Acres Community is a newly renovated clubhouse with 250 home spaces in a land lease community. It features a large swimming pool, a beautiful landscape with only 10 minutes from the city of Chattanooga. With quick access to area attractions, this community can become your ideal home!

The third website launched was an e-commerce website, RV Parts Center that sells RV and camper accessories, built on the Magento platform. RV Parts Center is also a full service repair and accessories shop. The best quality parts and accessory shop can be within reach to everyone with their online shop offering competitive prices.

Visit the PowerPhrase website to see for a full list of online services and to learn more about the company.


About Powerphrase

The Powerphrase project lead, had this to say about the website launch. “When performing the work for Carpet and Flooring Discounters what we focused on was creating a site that would not only draw customers in, but streamlined their experience while they were there. The presentation is pleasing and all their products, along with pertinent information, is easy to find.”

PowerPhrase Takes Website Designing to a Whole New Level with Customized SEO Services

CA, United States, December 19th, 2016:  With firm competition from the numerous already existing and up-and-coming SEO Companies, PowerPhrase has really got it all figured out on how to stand out from the rest. This Orange County SEO company has recently begun to offer personalized SEO services to their clients that caters to the prioritized requests and requirements regarding website design and SEO service company requirements. Through orange county web design and development, PowerPhrase focuses on developing personalized websites for their clients that do not merely exist electronically, but instead, reflects a company’s best interests, strong points, goals, aspirations, and everything else the client wants to communicate with the target customers through their website. A combination of intelligent technology and interactive design in tune with personalized requirements, only makes online business solutions better.

The experts at PowerPhrase are passionate professionals who always think there’s more to a website than just a nominal presence. A website can express company’s strengths and weaknesses as well. It is thus important to balance out the meters practically. They believe that any SEO strategy should be robust but at the same time should not hinder the quality and motto of a company. It requires proficient, dedicated and experienced individuals to succeed in both the aspects. That’s what PowerPhrase’s advertising solutions and its workforce represent. With the new customized services, they are only reaching one step closer towards understanding the client’s perspective and giving them the maximum return on the investment.

About PowerPhrase:

As a global pioneer in providing all types of advertising solutions for small businesses and corporate giants, PowerPhrase has always challenged its abilities. With the help of Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo! Search Marketing and other chief social media channels, PowerPhrase aims to provide the most effective services to its clients at the best value. From search engine optimization to web development services, the expertise in Google Algorithms and reliable SEO techniques enables PowerPhrase to streamline all the online requirements of its clients to offer simple and effective business solutions.

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PowerPhrase Opens the Doors for Custom Website Design and for Digital Presences

Santa Ana, site Ca, cure August 11, stomach 2016:  When you trust on digital marketing to propel your business ahead, there are important factors to be considered. You need to choose the Orange County Web Design company so that you can get personalized websites that represent the profile of your company. In fact, you need to bank on the best companies around so that your website can become something more than the electronic representation of the company. When you seek the expertise from the professionals of PowerPhrase a reputed Website design Irvine Company, you get the best leverage in terms of service and get the right value of your money.

Why to choose PowerPhrase?

There are a lot of things that come as a part and parcel of website designing. These include the graphics, right interplay of texts and pictures, incorporation of the right video and so on. The experts at the website design company Irvine are seasoned personnel and provide the best service in the industry. With the right blend of experience and expertise, they transform the website into something that sells products and maintains your reputation in the market.

Search engine optimization from PowerPhrase

SEO is one of the foremost needs of the companies to gain exposure in the cyber world. When you have the assistance of the Orange County SEO Company, you will be able to get the leverage when it comes to rankings in the search engines. This SEO Company Irvine optimises the position of your company and keeps you ahead of the competitors.

Mobile web design from PowerPhrase

Mobile browsing being the trend of the decade, the Orange County Mobile Web Design services from PowerPhrase brings you the best accessible websites from mobile devices. So, when you seek the services from PowerPhrase Orange County Website Design Company, you will get the complete services for websites.

In order to get a better view about PowerPhrase and its various services in different locations, it will be advisable that you get in touch with the experts of the company. You can share your queries freely with them and they will describe each and every aspect of the processes they follow for the varieties of services offered by them. See your business grow with a sharp upward movement in the graph after availing the services of PowerPhrase.

About PowerPhrase

PowerPhrase is dedicated to providing advertising solutions to all sizes of companies by using Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft Bing, and all of the major social media outlets with great efficiency for maximum return on investment. We specialize in projects that combine interactive design with intelligent technology. PowerPhrase is your complete online business solution. Our team does it all. PowerPhrase is one of the globally leading SEO companies, which aims to offer professional Best SEO Company California and Web Development services at only a fraction of the price.

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