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How much time does each project takes?

The answer to this question is totally dependent on the Length and complexity of the project.
Usually the time is calculated by comparing the project with some standard project. We can give
our client a rough idea by telling them about any past project of similar magnitude and level.

What kind of services are provided by our company

We provide:
● It Consultancy
● UI/UX design
● Desktop solution
● Apps development
● Games development
● Web and Apps marketing (ASO/SEO )
● Web development
● Dev Ops (Cloud Server Maintenance)
● Graphic design (2D/3D)
● Mobile development (Android/IOS/Cross operating System)

How do you attract suitable candidates?

We run ads for vacancies through different platforms, Online and social media marketing is also
a part of this process and offer a referral program.

How is it made sure that both the client and the working team are being benefited through the project??

The Main focus of a leading team is always to create an enthusiastic environment for their
working team through which they can communicate with their clients well. When searching for a
candidate in market his/her ability of dealing with client is also detected. This way both the client
and the worker can communicate in a growing and friendly environment.

What do you do to ensure project success?

The key point to success in any project is to make sure that the client is gratified. This
methodology is being set at the very beginning of the project. All the terms and conditions are
already discussed. And all the client’s prerequisites are being focused throughout the
development of the project. This explains all the important factors of making any project

How is the quality of a product guaranteed?

Every two weeks the progress of the project is reported to the client. That way the requirements
of the client become clear by the time and the project is only carried out further if the client is
satisfied by the quality and success of the project.

What criteria will you and client use to determine project success?

Both sides should be very clear about the result of any project. Client must have enough
information about the project and should be very clear in his mind about the requirement of the
project. Client must also be able to convey his thoughts completely and the developer of the
project must be able to understand all the requirements. Both parties should work side by side.

What if Client requires you to alter any project?

This would be a good opportunity for the developer, and we will be glad to serve the client and
we will start from changing features through UX Audit and adding new and unique features
according to the client’s taste.

Will there be a problem if the client wants to be a part of the app development process?

Client is supposed to be a very important part of the project development. So, No! Not at all.
There won’t be any problem if the client wants to be a part of the team and work side by side.
This way the quality of the project can be easily improved, and client satisfaction is done right.
Client’s evaluation would be a good chance to improve the project while developing.
Communication is always our priority.


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