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We help you articulate your differentiation against your competitors clearly in the minds of your customers.

Discover your brand’s true potential by communicating a unique value curve by pioneering the art of listening to your customers.

Here’s why your brand may need

The way we’ve learned it, a brand is something people remember when you’re not in the room. It is something they take home with them and pass on the culture for generations to come, and for most others it is a status quotient. Using a few defining principles on which we base our whole strategy on, we employ the marketing flywheel model with your customers at the centre and aim to maximize relevant leads down your sales pipeline. What we guarantee to you is establishing the three major pillars of positioning a brand:

Target Customer : Any good marketing plan must encompass both market and customer in equal proportions. The broader you are in attacking your target market, the more potential customers you will gain. We compare your competitor’s visibility versus yours and help you strategize your go-to market plan after a thorough audit.
Defining your ideal market : We aim to answer two critical questions here: What category is your brand competing in, and what relevance it has in penetrated, target, qualified, available and potential markets. Doing this will help you responsibly segment your market, and will enable you to do justice to various types of buyers.
Brand Promise : This is the end product of your brand’s positioning. It is the expression and delivery of the brand experience as a whole. In our attempts to position your brand in an ever changing market, we will look to ensure it conveys a compelling message, a promising benefit and a strong reason to believe and invest in for many years to come.

Ultimately, we bring the three pillars to three words, simplifying the whole brand purpose: problem + solution + market.


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