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We help you secure and enhance your website at unbeatable proximity and accuracy.

A caffeinated, round the clock maintenance helps you stay on top of the game when things run smooth. We cover all aspects of web maintenance.

How is Web Maintenance important to you?

When the internet was born, building and maintaining a website was much simpler. After building your website, you could just let it sit without having to worry about anything-of course, with some occasional tweaks or changes in content maybe. Not many security risks to worry about back then. Things have changed kaleidoscopically today.

Let’s see the factors to which you might attribute your customer success to:

Keeping the shop open all the time: We start with protecting your identity: your domain name. We don’t just buy, but setup and maintain everything for you from DNS settings to MX records and WHOIS registration. Getting the basics right helps gain speed later, and we’d never want your business to lose steam.

Hosting is another major part that helps your website live on the internet. Our servers are high end and are monitored all the time to protect you from hackers. Lastly, what difference would it make if your first salesman, your website, was only available for a few hours a day? We’re talking about website uptime. With us, it’s a guarantee that 99.99% of the time, your website will be ready for your customers all the time. Scheduled downtime for a few minutes every day is natural, and needed to ensure smoothness. Our team takes regular backups too, so whenever there’s a problem, we investigate and immediately get your site back up in no time.

Regularly working on your public image: Website maintenance doesn’t just include security aspects, but it regularly needs refinements in certain areas that would pique your customer’s attention.

We’re talking about SEO, and when we build your site, we install essential plugins like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools etc that help maintain your rank on Google. It tells which pages have been crawled and indexed, and what improvements you need to do to increase your rankings. If your business can’t be found by local customers, then you’re in serious trouble. We additionally work on local listings, where we ensure that your business name, address and contact details are up to date with your local listings at Google My Business, Google Maps, Facebook, and so on.

The last bit here is maintaining your lead capturing mechanisms on your website. These could include your blog, contact forms, email capturing forms and things alike: the necessary evil to help you capture customer data.

Performance Optimization: When your customers have plenty of others to choose from, how do you stand out? By being a patient listener to your customer’s problems. The technical counterpart of this notion is ensuring your website has a secure SSL certificate, an “amp” version where your website loads with all necessary information at slow connections, and ultimately, your website speed. Having a ton of content, high definition videos can slow your website down, and we aim to make the loading times as low as possible – giving your customer the best 360 degree experience they deserve.


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