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ECommerce, or electronic commerce, refers to enabling customers to make purchases online, usually through a website.
For service professionals, this can mean providing a payment button for services and for companies and organizations that sell products, this usually means the use of specific payment buttons for products, or a more complex shopping cart and checkout system

Flavors of Ecommerce Website Solutions

Simple Payment Buttons If you are selling a few or a few dozen specific products or services, you can setup ecommerce very affordably using encoded payment buttons from providers like 2checkout, PayPal, Google Wallet or Authorize.net. This provides for a much simpler system that is managed using your payment gateway, like the examples above, and can often remove the need for managing a separate merchant account. Services like Paypal and Google Checkout charge low or no monthly fee to have an account and you can create simple online payment buttons for your website and let customers pay securely online. The tradeoff for this is you will pay a higher transaction rate than you would using a payment gateway like authorize.net, but this option is  significant savings for many small businesses. Read more about simple online payment buttons.

Simple Cart & Checkout

A simple cart provides a more robust shopping experience than simple payment buttons. This is for websites where customers should be able to order more than one kind of product in a single order. Whether they are likely to do so, or if you want to encourage them to do so (upsell), you’ll need a simple shopping cart system to do so. Read more about simple shopping carts.

Full Product and Customer Management

For those familiar with Amazon or any other ecommerce website you use regularly, this is what you are used to. The system remembers your orders, provides a full shopping cart experience and often saves your payment information. Read more about premium ecommerce solutions.

Mobile Ecommerce

If you need mobile payment systems for ecommerce, call us to discuss your needs. We know that most solutions can be built as mobile websites instead of mobile apps, which greatly cuts down on application development costs, and we always aim to provide solutions that address immediate needs as well as provide a strong foundation for your business to grow!

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