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We offer professional web design and development services for web marketers and will enhance and expand your business at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Your website is the root of your online strategy

Along with an optimal user interface (UI), our website design in Orange County provides you with the functionality that your site needs. Today’s internet users do not continue to browse poorly functioning websites, and we can develop a site that works smoothly and loads quickly. With our website design in Southern California, your site can do everything that it needs to do. Whether you need a WordPress site designed or a frequently-updated blog section for your site, PowerPhrase’s experts can make you the site of your dreams. We can develop features for your site that support your business goals. An eCommerce website will need to function differently than a site that offers home services, and we can help you to determine what features you need. Once we have worked with you to create a plan for your site, our experienced team designs and helps to maintain the site that you need.When you communicate your ideas and needs for your site, PowerPhrase’s website design in Irvine can work for you to help your business site put its best face forward. Whether you need a site that allows customers to schedule meetings with you or to buy products directly, PowerPhrase can help.

This process requires a skilled person with an understanding of the necessary time needed to complete the canvas of your business’ site. Each of our websites is customized to achieve your specific goal, superior quality, and exceptional user experience.

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We have highly creative team of designers for both 2D and 3D assets. With their computer graphics skills, they conceptualise the designs in such a beautiful manner that creates the balance between artistic sensibility and technical limitations while working with the development team. Our CG artists have command over Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3D MAX and MAYA ZBrush.
Our designing team concept and sketch the designs first using their creative skills and paint them to achieve the highest quality. Working on unique and innovative ideas in order to achieve clients’ satisfaction and good end user results.

Our Web Development Process

We consult with business owners and managers to discover the ways in which web-based solutions can streamline your business processes or improve your business services. This includes the technologies that best meet your needs, and what would be required to build your solution.

UI/UX Design:

Assuring delightful experience to our customers through innovative designs and providing the best UI/UX services. Our team uses the interactive and trendy design process to meet user expectations and design user-friendly desktop, mobile and website applications. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by using graphical elements appropriately and by blending style and technology in an amazing way. Our main goal is to provide quality products, which include a complete process i.e. analysis, interface architecture, sketching, and wireframes, creating the dynamic prototype and then editing.


Graphic design plays a vital role in organizational success and to make a first impression on your customer as it has the ability to create visual ideas to impart messages. We focus to optimize user experiences and use different techniques to meet the user’s specific needs.

We emphasize on displaying elements in interactive designs and solves customer problems through illustration, typography, and photography. We convert customer’s imagination into impressive designs through visionary, creativity, and hard work. Our goal is to create designs that meet customer requirements by capturing their imagination and make it a reality. Today, customers make a split decision based on what they see. That’s why we strive to provide you graphics.


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