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A corporate brand strategy encompasses specific, strategic long-term goals that can be achieved through emotional and tactical touchpoints.

How you can become the market leader by getting your branding right

So, in simple terms corporate branding is the sum total of the impressions of all the interactions made by your customers and stakeholders. Your company’s products, subsidiaries etc. do not exist in vacuum: they’re all a part of your corporate identity. When you condense the mission statement, impressions etc, your corporate brand is What the problem is and How you solve it.

This framework is what we at PowerPhrase help your brand to achieve and become an evangelist in the market. In our audit process, our experts cover the following touchpoints:

We first check the social standpoint of your brand. As a brand, you should either have an ethical or a moral stake, and more often than not, it is deeply intertwined with your product or service. It is a living, breathing entity that customers will look to trust. This will then help us discover your true vision and mission statement.
We run this through another dip-stick test, wherein we gauge how the public responds to your identity, and this will help your brand gain points on integrity, leading to a world-changing thought that your brand will be known for.

After this reflection to the brand’s core values, we work on fine tuning your buyer personas, or carefully researched set of ideal and potential buyers. Do you know where to find them? Do you know what your customers like or don’t? Do you know their buying cycle?
The next phase is to ensure that your corporate brand is positioned right in the minds of your buyers. We creatively figure out ways to best communicate on an emotional and rational level and find solutions that appeal to their sensibilities. This is how we make them think about you even when you’re not in the room.


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