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CRM Integration

Stay in touch and grow your business with the people who matter

For someone who’s new, a CRM is an address book that contains necessary contact information of relevant people or, people who you can do business with. We help you use CRMs to your advantage so you can always keep track of people who care about your passion.

How useful is a CRM for your business?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship management and it’s a software that’s designed for persuasion. It’s a software version of a sales funnel. So, you feed in your important business contacts in the CRM, tell it what to do: like send emails, follow ups, keep your meetings up to date etc and it does it for you, while keeping track of all activities. You can either subscribe to an existing CRM like HubSpot, SalesForce or design your own custom CRM. Whatever your choice may be, PowerPhrase is here for you!

Let’s say that you need a 100 people to attend an event organized by your company, but only 25 people show up. This means you need 16 times more signups for your email newsletters or any other lead capturing mechanism to reach your marketing goals. CRM’s advanced analytics will help you obtain these necessary numbers.
With a Social CRM, you can get detailed insights about your customers like buying behavior, demographics etc.
CRMs have always been the hallmark of better inter-departmental communication. Every team within your organization, be it marketing, sales, accounting, etc. can be updated at all times on a common platform and can have access to real time data about every customer.
We develop Industry Specific CRM tools to meet regulatory compliances more accurately, and helps you get the data that’s relevant to your industry.


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