3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Website

3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Website

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There are 2.32 billion smartphone users in the world, who are potential customers and can fully navigate your business website and even make purchases through their personal devices. In total there are approximately  4 billion mobile users in the world, and even many of the low-end devices can access the web. Apart from making your business modern, a mobile website is much needed to stay ahead of the competition. A site can be used to service existing customers as well as inform potential ones. Irvine mobile web design is up to date c with the advances in communication and digital technologies.  If you are still wondering if you should create a mobile presence for your business or not, below are some facts and reasons that will help you choose the right path.

Mobile searches are now favorites

More than 55% of web searches, on leading search engines such as  Google, Bing and Yahoo are now conducted on mobile devices. The desktop rule might be soon over, as the modern consumer prefers search using his or her smartphone, by simply tapping the “voice” search button. Smartphones can operate pretty much everywhere,  whether one is at home, the office or travel. This increased accessibility to your online service will most definitely translate into profits.

Integration of SEO

Search Engine Optimization now extends to mobiles, which when used correctly lists your service on the first-page search of a mobile device. Customers can buy your product through a single tap, and hence the ease of purchasing is enjoyable for the consumer. You can easily integrate the voice or text keywords in your business website content pages, and increase your online sales. A leading SEO company will help you integrate all the is and make you successful and popular at a reasonable cost.

Perks for the customers

The reward programs, as run by several successful online companies, have shown how minor efforts can increase both customer retention and conversion rates. The QR (Quick Response) codes are also used by the companies for making their offerings appear more genuine and wanted;  consumers can scan them on their smartphones to display the special perks and offers.

You also stand to gain from better consumer relationships and can witness increased popularity of your brand, as anything on smartphones is easily shareable on social media (including Facebook and Twitter among others). The introduction of the 4G communication technology has further reduced the loading time of the mobile websites and has improved the consumer experience manifold. The best SEO Company in California will offer you greater ROI and the best bang for your buck when you invest in mobile website and SEO.