3 Signs You Need the Help of an SEO Company in Irvine for Your Local SEO

3 Signs You Need the Help of an SEO Company in Irvine for Your Local SEO

In the current business climate, it’s not enough to establish a business and just hope for new customers to come. You will also need to establish an online presence and focus on promoting your business better than local competitors do. If you’re unsure if you need local SEO (search engine optimization) services, here are some signs that your business website could use some help:

Sign #1: Competitors Consistently Rank Higher Than You on SERPs

If you are noticing that other local competing companies are ranking higher than your company on major search engine results pages, it’s time to call one of the excellent SEO companies in California. Your nearby SEO professionals can audit your website’s current SEO setup and tell you where it’s falling short. Some of the SEO fixes may be simple, while others may be more complex. However, you can be sure that the fact that your competition has better visibility than you is a sign that you need to call in the professionals.

Sign #2: You Do Not Have the Right Content on Your Site

The content posted on your website can be a tremendous help or a tremendous hindrance to your business growth. When you have new content that is posted regularly, consumers can expect to find new information on your site frequently. In addition to having new content on your site on a consistent basis, your content will also need to be optimized. This means that your content will need to include keywords that help to draw new users to your site. It also means that the content will need to be of the appropriate length for best SEO practices.

Sign #3: Your Site’s Bounce Rate is High

Another sign that you need some SEO help is a high bounce rate. Your site’s bounce rate shows you the number of people who visit your website but leave without clicking on any links for more information or filling out any forms. An SEO company in Los Angeles can help you to reconfigure your website so that it is more engaging and helps new users to want to engage with the site more. Your SEO team can also help you to troubleshoot all of the aspects of your website, in order to ensure that your site is as competitive as possible.