An SEO Agency Can Help You Avoid Making These 3 SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a tricky field to master, especially if you’re focusing on running your business and gaining new clients and customers. It’s important to know that doing your own SEO could be costing you new clients, if you’re not familiar with current best SEO practices. Partnering with a nearby SEO company can help you out significantly. Here are some SEO mistakes that an SEO company can help you to avoid:

Mistake #1: Not Checking in on Your Site 

Just putting an SEO plan in place and leaving it alone really isn’t a good strategy. A Las Vegas SEO company will help you to generate a customized SEO plan and then monitor it frequently. Frequent monitoring and check-ins show you what is working well for your site and what isn’t. Monitoring also shows you what new users are clicking on, what they’re interested in, and what they’re buying (if your site is an e-commerce site). If you’re not scheduling regular check-ins to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO, you’re missing out on some valuable information.

Mistake #2: Using the Wrong Keywords 

You may think that you know what keywords will work well to draw traffic for your site, but have you actually consulted an SEO professional to find out? You may be building your site around keywords that don’t work well to bring traffic to you. SEO professionals can find you a list of the keywords that users tend to search for when they’re looking for sites that are similar to yours. Once you have the correct keywords, you can begin to adjust the content of your site accordingly. The right keywords can catapult your site higher in search rankings and attract tons of new users.

Mistake #3: Using Links Poorly 

The links from one part of your site to another are an opportunity to drive user traffic to new places on your site. An Orange County digital marketing agency can help you to maximize the use of each and every link that you place on your web pages. Forgetting to anchor the links into articles or using the same anchor text every time makes users feel as though you didn’t put care and attention into creating and organizing your site. By implementing the guidance from your SEO professionals, you’ll find your business growing quickly. 

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