An SEO Company Will Use These 3 Key Areas to Improve Your Site’s Rank on

An SEO Company Will Use These 3 Key Areas to Improve Your Site’s Rank on Google

It can be extraordinarily frustrating to try your best to rank higher on search engine results pages. If you’ve been trying every search engine optimization (SEO) tip and trick that you know and getting disappointing results, try reaching out to a nearby SEO company. SEO companies know exactly how to target your SEO strategy to ensure that you’re not wasting your time with ineffective ideas. Here are 3 of the key areas that your SEO company will focus on: 

Key #1 – Showing That Your Site is Trustworthy 

One of the largest factors in your site’s ranking is its URL structure and history. The longer you’ve had your website’s URL, the more a major search engine will trust your site. While an SEO company in Sacramento may not change your domain name, they will work to make sure that your site has a clear sitemap and that your URL is structured well. Both of these things will ensure that Google’s bots can crawl your site and find it more reliable. 

Key #2 – Showing That Your Site Loads Quickly on All Devices

Another large indicator of your site’s ranking on major search engine results pages is its ability to load in a reasonable amount of time. When your site loads slowly, users get frustrated and leave your site to look for information on other people’s sites. The more users leave your site, the more your site’s ‘bounce’ rate increases. A high bounce rate negatively impacts your site’s ranking on major search engines, so your SEO team will be actively working to reduce your bounce rate for both computers and mobile devices.

Key #3 – Showing That You Have the Right Keywords and Content
While your site’s URL and load times impact your ranking, the content on your site is another major factor in where your site ranks. An SEO company in San Jose is going to make sure that you are structuring your site’s content around the correct keywords. Your SEO team will also help you to focus on populating your site with content that is diverse and original, not replicated and boring. Your team will also ensure that your site’s content includes the keywords that relate directly to your site without any keyword stuffing (using the keywords too many times and in ways that sound unnatural).