Are you sure more website traffic is right for your business?

The common conception is that more website visitors means more leads and more customers. Most businesses blindly invest money in paid SEO to get thousands of traffic visitors for their website or blog post. They are generating traffic in a very wrong way!

When you’re attempting digital marketing orange county, the question is, do all the visitors care about my service or product? Are they the right people I should be doing business with? We’re not denying that more traffic is a make it or a break it thing for your business. It does lead to greater awareness, more probability of conversion, stronger social profile, more data of potential customers and so on. If your post has no engagement, is it even worth it?

Our top SEO expert in orange county says that fake visitors are random people who visit your site but don’t convert. They are the ones who visit your site but don’t have any real interest in what you have to offer. They are either bought by paying money or through bots.

This is where you clearly need to define who your customer is. Not everybody out there is your customer. Most businesses have no traffic strategy, and just aim to get as many people as possible. This is a lot of wasted time and money, especially when you are focused on going after everyone. How many visitors to your website are coming back again? This is the real question that determines the success rate of your website traffic strategy.

Here is our advice for bringing life to your web design and to reduce the bounce rate on your website:

  • Having a clear goal is the first step: Your online presence must have a strong reason to exist and thrive. Keep your goal in mind and work on just that.
  • Centre everything around your customer: The most popular structure of any digital marketing campaign is a marketing funnel. The problem is, the customers are at the end of the business, giving them the least priority. Opting for a more modern model, you must understand the pain points of your customers clearly and aim to solve these. You will automatically create maximum value for them.

Stay away from irrelevant hacks: There are many options out there to help you increase traffic, and involve restructuring your website. Do not intentionally divert customer focus this way, you are causing harm to your own brand just to get sweet numbers. Only address customer needs and use relevant tools to track and measure your success.