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We offer Cloud Consulting Services that helps our clients optimize their business operations and meet their organizational goals at the right time. Our dedicated team works on the re-evaluation, enhancement, improvement and automation business processes via thorough research work. The main objective is to drive the growth rate, responsiveness, revenue and helps organization to function efficiently. Through our experts, who are certified AWS/Azure/GCE, we guide our clients to use the customer data on the right time and ensure meeting the interpersonal and organizational goals via successful cloud infrastructure implementation in shorter time spans. We also have a collaboration with (leader in CRM) that enhances and ensures our clients’ satisfaction and benefits.

Powerphrase routinely manages cloud infrastructure covering a wide range of technologies. We take care of all technical support and system management tasks that includes, user administration, resource management, storage/network administration, network/system hardening, performance optimization, backup management, hypervisor/core upgrades, etc. Listed below are a few technologies we administer on a day-to-day basis.

Supported technologies


VMWare enables virtualization of business infrastructure through its server/cloud management solutions such as vSphere, vCenter, vRealize, vCloud Suite, etc.


DigitalOcean is a public cloud service that helps developers quickly deploy apps and scale up easily with Load balancers, Kubernetes and other technologies.


Linode provides SSD based Virtual Machines on a scalable platform with addon features such as load balancers distributed DNS, etc.

How we help

VM technical support

Virtual Machine owners often need assistance with resource upgrades, custom operating system installs, fixing boot errors, etc. We help you maintain a responsive technical support channel over help desk and live chat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Software installation & upgrades

System application upgrades (like PHP upgrade, MySQL upgrade, etc.) and application installs (like media servers, CRM apps, etc.) could easily lead to a maze of errors. We help your customers setup and upgrade any application the right way, the first time.

Service troubleshooting

Running a server brings with it a slew of issues, such as mail deliver errors, slow servers, website errors, etc. With Bobcares, your customers get fast, expert support that helps them quickly resolve any service error in their VM.

Monitoring & emergency rescue

RAID array errors, network congestion, faulty power unit – a lot of things can affect service quality in a server environment. We keep a close eye on infrastructure health, and quickly resolve systems issues before it can affect service quality.

Virtual Machine provisioning

Customers look for instant service, and we are happy to oblige them. Whether your provisioning guarantee is in minutes or in hours, we make it happen. We help your customers quickly setup and effortlessly manage their accounts.

VM backup maintenance

Backups are like parachutes. When you need them, it better work! However, issues such as disk space overages, load spikes, network errors etc., can cause backups to fail. We help you setup VSS-aware backup systems, and monitor it’s integrity daily to ensure 100% reliable backups at all times.

VM template maintenance

Quick account provisioning depends on the availability of up-to-date virtual machine templates. We keep the operating system and applications in VM templates updated at all times, so that post-install setup time can be minimized, and customers get a new VM as soon as an order is placed.

High availability management

Many factors should act together for high availability to work. For eg., the un-used resources in a server cluster should be equal to the resources in any one node, and management network should have 100% uptime. We monitor your systems round the clock, and resolve any conflict that can affect HA failover.

Installation & configuration

Setting up a virtualization system involves many challenges like designing the ideal architecture, choosing the right hardware, setting up the network & storage systems, integrating with billing system, etc. We help you build a virtualized system from scratch that is customized to meet your unique business requirements.

End-user Technical Support

Provide expert assistance round the clock.
Our experts are online 24/7 to help your customers resolve any service related issue over phone, email, help desk or live chat. We routinely fix issues that range from simple mail errors to complex boot errors.

Recommended for: Hosting service providers who want to deliver prompt technical support 24/7. Our service includes:
24/7/365 availability
100% white labeled
Email & Help desk support
US based phone support
Live chat support
Response and resolution time SLAs
Dedicated quality assurance team
VM/Web hosting specialization
Certified information security
Certified support quality

Server Infrastructure Management

Ensure server speed, security & uptime.
We monitor and maintain your services so as to ensure high uptime, security and speed. Our experts make sure that your server doesn’t go through an unscheduled downtime, and in case of failures, restore services within minutes.

Recommended for: Server infrastructure owners who need expert assistance in ensuring high quality of service. Our service includes:
Security monitoring
Performance monitoring
Server health monitoring
24/7 emergency support
Periodic server hardening
Regular performance optimization
Vulnerability monitoring and patching
Timely system updates
Backup & DR management
High availability maintenance


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