Here are a Few Ways to Know if Your Web Design Isn’t Working for You

Here are a Few Ways to Know if Your Web Design Isn’t Working for You

Perhaps when you started your business, you used a simple cookie-cutter website design. While basic website designs can work well as a start, they can also limit your ability to expand your business and your image. Here are a few ways to know when you need to get a web design professional to give your website some new life:

Red Flag #1: Your Site No Longer Represents Your Business Accurately 

As your organization builds an audience and a group of customers, your website should keep pace with your growth. If your site looks neglected and poorly maintained, new visitors to your site may not have a very professional idea about you. When you get help from a web design company in California, your team of web design experts can give you a site that features professional color schemes, layouts and current coding. Since your website is the face of your business to many internet users, your web designers can make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

Red Flag #2: Your Site is Hard to Navigate 

A website that is frustrating to navigate through will cost you users, and ultimately, customers. If your site’s sitemap is laid out confusingly or doesn’t make sense, users will understand that. A team of web designers can redo your sitemap so that your site is well organized and can be navigated intuitively by new and experienced users alike. You’ll also want to make sure that your site prominently features your contact form. This area of your site gives potential new customers an easy way to contact you if they are interested in working with you.

Red Flag #3: Your Site is Dated and Slow

If your website looks like it was designed prior to Y2K, it’s definitely time for an update. Remember, your website is your chance to make an impactful first impression. A web design company in Orange County can make sure your website looks modern. Web designers can also ensure that your site loads quickly. Slow load times can cost you visitors, since users tend to leave slowly loading sites in favor of faster websites. Slow load times also cause your site to rank lower in major search engine results, so make sure your web design team tunes up your site’s load times as well.