Here are the Keyword Strategies Your SEO Company Uses to Help Your Site

Here are the Keyword Strategies Your SEO Company Uses to Help Your Site Stand Out

When you begin working with a search engine optimization (SEO) company, your new SEO team will likely begin making changes to your site immediately. While some of the changes may be on a large scale, other changes will involve small adjustments and tweaks. Here’s what your new SEO team may do to help your site’s keywords bring in more new users.

Winning Strategy #1: Using Long Tail Keywords

As your SEO company in California already knows, internet users are moving away from entering single words in major search engines. What most SEO companies are seeing is longer phrases, sentences or questions being entered into major search engines. This means that your SEO team will be adjusting your keywords in favor of the use of long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords include not only your site’s keywords but the surrounding words from phrases that are commonly searched. Incorporating the use of long tail keywords into your website will keep your website more salient in major search engine results pages.

Winning Strategy #2: Optimizing for Voice Searches

Another more recent trend in internet searches is the growing use of voice searches over text searches. With the advent of Siri, Alexa and other voice recognition technology, internet users are using verbal questions to search for what they want more now than ever before. Your SEO team will use this information about current search trends to adjust your site’s keywords. When they adjust your website’s keywords in favor of voice searches, your SEO team will make it easier for your site to appear as one of the top search results when users search via voice recognition technology.

Winning Strategy #3: Closely Monitoring SEO and Keyword Data

Naturally, adjustments to your keywords will require close observation in order to determine how these changes are affecting your site’s visibility. Your Orange County digital marketing agency will keep a close eye on your site’s progress on a monthly basis, if not more often. Your SEO team may find that adjusting your site’s keywords has brought progress in terms of visibility. Over time, your SEO team will continue to monitor your site’s keyword data. With the most recent data at their fingertips, your SEO team will know what new keyword adjustments are needed and when to make them in order to maximize progress.