Here’s How SEO Companies in California Monitor Your Site’s SEO Quality

SEO Companies in California

When you first begin to implement an SEO Companies California (search engine optimization) plan for your website, it can be a bit confusing to know exactly how to measure your progress. What do you look for in order to know whether your site is more visible on the web? If you are working with an SEO company to improve your website’s visibility, you can soon expect to get a lot of information about how your site is doing. To help you understand how SEO progress is measured, here are a few of the areas where an SEO company will be gathering information:

Watching the Rankings 

When you have the help of an SEO company in Irvine, your SEO company will be closely monitoring your site’s ranking on major search engine results pages (SERPs). If your site is now ranking higher on a SERP, that shows improvement as far as your site’s visibility. Naturally, your SEO plan will involve bettering your site’s ranking as much as possible, so it will be crucial to take note of exactly where your site ranks at fixed intervals of time.

Deep Analysis and Backlink Analysis 

For additional progress monitoring, your SEO Company will keep a close eye on how each and every part of your site is doing. This deep analysis helps your SEO team to determine where they might need to fix things in the future. Along with deep analysis, your team will also analyze the fidelity and the number of backlinks connecting your site to other websites. The more backlinks that connect your site to other reputable sites, the higher the level of trust that is placed in your site by major search engines. Both of these areas give your SEO team valuable feedback.

Collecting Website Traffic Data 

As an additional avenue of information, your SEO Agency will watch your website’s traffic. It is helpful for your team to know where your website gets traffic from. They will also observe the pages on your site that get the highest numbers of page views, as well as seeing how traffic flows through your site. By getting a feel for the patterns of traffic within and around your site, your SEO team can learn what users like and don’t like about your site. In the SEO world, the more information that’s collected, the better your results.