How Do SEO Companies in California Help Your SEO Step Into the Future?

How Do SEO Companies in California Help Your SEO Step Into the Future?

If you are currently working with one of the local SEO companies, you know that SEO (or search engine optimization) is constantly changing and updating. It’s important for your site that your site’s optimization keeps up with the most current SEO specifications. If you don’t keep up, your site (and your organization) will pay the price. If you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle, make sure that you are partnering with an experienced SEO team. An experienced SEO team will do some of these things for your site’s optimization:

Strategy #1: They Plan for Voice Searches

More and more internet searches are being conducted via voice searching (speaking into a mobile device or computer to get an answer from a search engine). This means that more search inquiries are now being phrased as verbal questions versus typed search terms. An example of this is “where is the nearest gas station?” While a computer user might type “nearest gas station” into their search engine, an experienced SEO company in Irvine will know that they’ll need to optimize your site’s keywords both for voice searches and typed searches.

Strategy #2: They Watch for Redundant Content 

Duplicate content makes your site appear less trustworthy to major search engines. Major search engines check your site over and determine if some of the content is just the same thing over and over on different pages of your site. To boost your SEO, an SEO company in Los Angeles will focus on creating diverse, new content for your site. This helps your site stand out, it keeps your content interesting, and it helps search engines to place more trust in your site. Fresh content always helps your site in the end.

Strategy #3: They Go for the Answer Box

Many search engines are starting to respond to search questions with something called an ‘answer box’ at the top of the search engine result page. The ‘answer box’ search result is usually the site that has an article that most clearly and directly answers the search question (in the search engine’s opinion). Your SEO team will work to create content that matches this ‘answer box’ specification, as getting your search result in the answer box means a significant jump in your site’s visibility. These simple strategies help keep your SEO relevant and constantly netting you a wider audience.