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Our team has advanced expertise in mobile apps/games development.

It is very important to have an attention to
minor details and user behaviour in mobile app

Our team has the ability to adapt to changes in agile development with their technical and soft skills. We have developed many apps ranging from different categories and genres. Categories may include games, social apps, kid’s entertainment, fitness apps and many more. Keeping in mind the dynamic of mobile industry, our dedicated team works keenly on the improvement of all apps and games on regular basis and make them competent and compatible with latest changes in smart phones or tablets.

PowerPhrase has adopted the latest technologies related to mobile app development and works on different frameworks. Following are the domains in which we are dealing:

Android : With the experienced android developer team, we work on high end android games and apps for Playstore that will not only help in generating more revenues but also provide high quality work to end users.Key points in attaining the success of any game are: work on the idea,formulate a story, attractive yet addictive for users, formulise monetisation strategies. Our team make sure of these key points in order to achieve high quality results at the end.

iOS : As gadgets containing iOS are one of the most amazing things to come out of technology. And with this technology, there comes more technicality. Powerphrase has specialised and experienced iOS developers who are efficiently and effectively working on iOS apps development with great outcomes and performances. Our competent team works with great dedication to meet the higher quality of work that is not only satisfying our clients but also the end users of the specified product.

Cross Operating Systems

Cross-platform app development platforms give us opportunity to code our games/apps using the same system but that can serve different platforms. You can maximise the impact of generating revenues and sales by using cross-platform operating systems in less time. Our services also include cross-platform software for app development. Following are the cross-platform software that Powerphrase has expertise in:

Unity 3D

Gaming plays a vital role in the booming success of IT industry. Our dedicated team works on this amazing cross platform engine which gives enormous gaming solutions to provide best quality features and graphics. With the perfect blend of our unity 3d designers and developers, extraordinary products are getting out that not only satisfy our client’s specifications but also provide higher user experience. With expertise on Unity 3D, we develop the high quality games for Android smart phones, tablets, iPhones, iPad, PC and Mac.


Cocos2D is a cross platform framework that can be used to build apps, games and other GUI based programs. Powerphrase has highly trained team of developers for using Cocos2D engine and with our team’s creativity we have established a lot of successful projects that have highly functional structures. We have command over different genres of games, be it adventure, educational, puzzle or even shooting games, using Cocos2D cross platform.

Our team, with its creativity, also comes with the most amazing and optimal solutions and understands Cocos2D-to-the-T. Our developers understand the core mechanics and client’s specification correctly in order to produce high end results that not only satisfy our clients but also end users.

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