In recent years, science and technology have made manifold developments in various fields. Things that we only used to read and see in sci-fi books and movies are closer to becoming a reality.

One such field that has very quickly gained momentum is the field of Artificial Intelligence. AI has been a very great helper to humankind, right from providing very simple assistance to performing groundbreaking activities.

Another field where AI has indeed been very helpful is website building and designing. Gone are the days when you had to spend money and countless hours creating a website manually and getting tasks done like coding, setting up semantics, creating layouts, etc.

Now with the help of AI you can create a website just within a couple of hours and with a little of efforts. A lot of organizations now use AI based technology to fully automate the website creation process, thus saving them a lot of time and money.

Through its various different roles AI has transformed how a website is designed.

1.Website development: There are many companies that now operate on AI based algorithms to create websites. The AI helps guide the user in making decisions related to design, layout, branding, and content. They provide users with suggestions and useful insights required in constructing a website.

2. User Experience: With the help of AI, designers are now able to create interfaces that are more engaging and responsive. Chatbots are one of the best examples of this. It has become a part of every website and mobile application. This has been very helpful in bridging the gap between the human and machine.

3. Personalized Content and Recommendation: AI is really good at studying human behavior and analyzing data to generate a pattern based on the behavior. With the help of this data, websites and applications are able to provide personalized content based on their past behaviors. They can even track the customer’s search and store history to generate recommendations.

4. Web Diagnostic Tool: The roles of AI are not only limited to providing functionality and improving user experience, it is also an excellent web diagnostic tool. Search engines like Google, keep revising and updating their algorithms with the rapidly changing trend to suit the modern era of technology. This calls for a revamp in the structure of your web design every time, that would mean comprehensive tests have to be carried out to check the compatibility. This is where AI powered analytics tools easily enable you to assess your website’s performance in real time and provide you with insights on how to refine them.

In conclusion, the field of AI is going to see more changes and technological breakthroughs by performing tasks that humans cannot contemplate but it is unlikely that technology can function on its own. Human intervention; and a check now and then is necessary.

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