Royal Lahaina Resort

Royal Lahaina Resort


Royal Lahaina Resort is a stunning oceanfront escape situated at the edge of Ka’anapali Beach. A resort located on the island of Maui in Hawaii is instantly appealing to the average traveler. However, the Royal Lahaina Resort needed a website that encouraged consumers to remain on their site and book a reservation with them, rather than looking elsewhere for travel plans. In order to keep potential customers on their site, Royal Lahaina Resort was hoping to make their website a space that answered all of customers’ questions and enabled travelers to make their
plans all in one centralized website.

The PowerPhrase Solution

With help from the team at PowerPhrase, the Royal Lahaina Resort now has a custom-crafted website that helps potential resort guests plan for their vacation. The creative team at PowerPhrase designed a website homepage that showcases the sparkling, gorgeous view of the resort. The site’s homepage also showcases the resort’s social media pages so that possible guests can get a taste of the views they can expect should they stay at the Royal Lahaina. Pop-up windows on the site’s homepage share about the benefits of booking directly on the Royal Lahaina site and ask customers to provide their email to receive special offers from Royal Lahaina. These features help to gain potential customers’ contact information, as well as encourage customers to look no further than Royal Lahaina’s website for vacation plans.

The PowerPhrase design team also included quick links to make a reservation, giving customers instant access to room availability information and prices for their selected dates. This functionality helps customers to have fast feedback regarding their travel plans. In addition to the quick links for reservations, the experts at PowerPhrase also created landing pages for each area that potential guests are interested in. New sections of the site included a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page, a Wedding information page and a page discussing the various attractions in the area near the resort, also encouraging guests to explore travel plans via the Royal Lahaina Resort.

The site’s new pages also highlight the resort’s spa, nearby dining opportunities and the luau featured at the Royal Lahaina Resort. Since the resort includes many diverse experiences for travelers, the resort’s website now features all possible amenities, offers and experiences for guests. The team at PowerPhrase also included a LiveChat function and a landing page featuring reviews from past guests.


Since launching their new and improved website, Royal Lahaina Resort has seen a 27% increase in site views. Additionally, reservations for the Resort have increased by 8% since the website was revamped. While more guests have been reserving rooms at Royal Lahaina, the Resort has seen a 15% increase in purchases of additional experiences at the resort (i.e., luau tickets, spa packages). Of the 180,000 page views on the new website, 32,000 were from new guests who had never booked a stay at Royal Lahaina before. With their rejuvenated website, Royal
Lahaina’s reservations are solidly on the rise.