RV Parts Center

RV Parts Center


RV Parts Center offers accessories, supplies and RV Parts sold via the internet. For any company marketing their wares on the web, a site that helps with sales is a must. While many customers need RV parts and supplies, they will not buy from a site on which they can not find what they need to buy. RV Parts Center had noticed that many customers were viewing their site, but not purchasing any parts. Additionally, customers were reporting that they could not find the part that they needed or that they were not able to save items for later purchasing, which frustrated them.

The PowerPhrase Solution

RV Parts Center has now been able to relaunch a fully customized and reworked website with the support of the expert team at PowerPhrase. RV Parts Center adjusted the ways that their product categories are displayed on the homepage so that customers are more easily able to find the part that they are looking for. The new site also includes sections of the homepage that highlight current monthly specials and popular products, a feature that serves to catch customers’ attention effectively.

With the help of PowerPhrase’s website design and development team, RV Parts Center adjusted the header of their site’s homepage. The header now offers quick access to the different available categories of RV parts so that customers have this information at their fingertips from the moment that they access the site homepage. The new RV Parts Center site also had a search bar added to the homepage’s header as well. With the addition of the search bar, customers are able to jump straight to searching for a specific product if they are uncertain which category the product falls into.

The design team at PowerPhrase also helped RV Parts Center by adding a “Top Categories” area on the site’s homepage, encouraging potential customers to check out the popular product categories that are the site’s bestsellers. By highlighting the top categories of products being sold, RV Parts Center was able to bring more attention to the types of products that were already selling well with their typical customers.

Along with highlighting top categories, RV Parts Center also added a “Wishlist” area to their site’s homepage. This “Wishlist” allows customers to save items for later and to keep track of the items that they wanted to buy. After adding the “Wishlist” link to the site homepage, PowerPhrase’s design team also streamlined the site’s payment gateway and adjusted the “Add to Cart” link so that it worked consistently for customers as well.


With the relaunch of its updated website, RV Parts Center has seen an 11% increase in site traffic over its previous website. RV Parts Center has also found that their site’s redesign has resulted in a 28% increase in product purchases across all RV part categories. Along with increased purchases, RV Parts Center has found that 11,000 of their site’s 38,000 pageviews have been from new customers, which increases their audience.