Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to grow your brand organically. By adopting certain good SEO practices, you can make your website rank higher in the SERP; this would mean more visibility for your website and that would in turn bring you more visitors.

This way your brand not only grows steadily on the basis of its own content and value, but you also build a loyal network of audience that mostly visit your website voluntarily for your brand and not because they were directed by some paid marketing campaign.

There are two ways through which you should keep your website’s SEO in check.

  1. On-page optimization
  2. Off-page optimization

Through on-page optimization, you modify and bring changes to your website’s content and code to make it more compatible with Google’s search algorithm. This way the website crawlers can better understand your website and rank it higher when someone makes a related search on Google.

On the other hand, off-page optimization is all about building links.

You may wonder how it helps you with your search engine ranking.

The number of backlinks you build helps increase your website’s domain authority. This indicates how trustworthy your website is and how helpful your content is. So, the next time someone makes a search related to your keyword; if your competitors’ on page SEO is as good as yours, then on the basis of the quality of backlinks you have you may appear higher than your competitor in the SERP.

This is why both on-page and off-page SEO is important.

Now the next question arises, how to do SEO properly in 2021? 

Fret not, we have got it all covered here.

  1. Keyword Research:

This is one of the very basic steps of SEO. Knowing what words people use on the search engine to find you is very important. This requires understanding the niche of your industry and what people would want to know. Your keywords will be the topics that people in your industry find interesting and are talking about. For instance, if your website is about cakes and baking, then some of your keywords can be – vegan cakes, eggless cakes, vanilla cakes for weddings etc. 

  1. Content Optimization:

People often say that “content is the king”. You may have your website designed in the best way, and even rank for the right keywords in SERP but at the end of the day if your website lacks the relevant content then the visitors will not interact much with your business. This is why content optimization plays a crucial role in SEO. Content optimization firstly depends on knowing the right keywords. Once you know what keywords people use to find businesses like yours, then you write content for those topics providing a solution to the needs of your audience. Using the previous example of a baking website, a great content topic based on your keyword can be – How to bake a vegan cake or Easy vegan cake recipes. Now that you base your content on the keyword you found and write a solid content providing an answer to the needs of your audience, you can be assured that people visiting your website will spend some time on your website to interact with you.

  1. Website Optimization:

This is a technical aspect of SEO. Google has its own set of algorithms on whose basis it decides which website to rank first. Website optimization is all about fine tuning your website to make sure that the search engine crawlers are easily able to index your web pages and also the user interface is friendly so that the visitors do not have a hard time exploring your website. A few important factors that you need to pay attention to it is –

  1. Your website should be secure and have an SSL certificate
  2. The pages should be interlinked properly and have a clear navigation structure 
  3. Your site should have a sitemap
  4.  It should be mobile-friendly and page loading speed should be quicker
  1. Backlinks and Link Building:

When a Page A links to your webpage, then you are said to have gained a backlink from A. Backlinks are basically links that you get from other websites. These backlinks are a very influential factor because if a high-ranking page links to your website, then some of their authority passes on to you too, if it is a follow link and you get visitors too from these links.

Now that you know that SEO is very vital to getting your website ranked, make sure to implement all that we have discussed today on your website.

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