The Face Of SEO In Future

The Face Of SEO In Future

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a blanket and broad term that includes numerous methods and strategies that are undertaken so that a web content or web page is displayed at the topmost rankings of search engine results. Consumers use search engines including Google, Bing, and others to know about the product or service they want. When a web page is displayed at the topmost positions and ranks, the probability of it being viewed by the consumer increases, thereby boosting sales. SEO involves page tailoring, use of keyword and search Indian optimized traffic, social media links and exposure, and backlinks among other tools and methods.

Future of SEO agency is bright as more and more number of customers use the internet for searching for product services and information they want, and smartphones get to be more ubiquitous. The face of SEO in future will be more advanced technologically.

Voice Search

The launch of Google Assistant, Siri and other voice search tools and technologies have made it more convenient for the customers to look for information on the internet by just orally speaking out their wishes and queries. New technologies for smart homes in the form of Amazon Echo and Google Home make voice search readily available. The future of SEO will be dominated by voice search. Voice keywords as used by the SEO companies in California will be woven around the content on the internet and better and more engaging interactions will be held on search engines.

Ranking according to AMP

Google today has two separate indexes for pulling up and displaying information on its result page. One is for mobiles and the other is for desktops, and the mobile index is the primary one. This is so because more and more people are today using their smartphones and mobile devices for web surfing, and the use of personal computers and laptops has decreased wherever it can. In the USA 58% of all the web searches are conducted through the mobile devices. AMP technology provides for instant loading of websites on the mobile devices, which is what the consumers today want. More and more web content will be ranked according to the AMP profile in near future, as today not only the content but the loading speed is also of good importance.

Artificial Intelligence

The machine learning (AI) algorithm by the name Rankbrain was launched by Google recently. Machines will be able to give more accurate results by learning the patterns and by understanding the content, in future.

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