Tips To Optimize Your Blogger Posts For Better Search Engine Rankings

Google Blogger is easy and free to use web platform where you can post blogs and articles and can reach out to millions of consumers instantly. Blogger is of one of the best platforms when you want to learn the basics of blogging and SEO without incurring any cost, and the best Seo companies in California also use it to derive profits for their clients. While other CMS and platforms like WordPress have better plugins, you can also undertake certain efforts and can make your blog well optimized for SEO on Google Blogger as well. You should know that you can control both off-site as well as on-site SEO on Google Blogger. Here are some tips that will help you well-optimize your Google Blogger posts so that they can achieve higher and better rankings on web search result pages.

Optimize The URL Link Of The Post

The URL link of your post is important towards its search engine rankings. One should refrain from using “stop” words such as A/An/The within the post title, and should also keep the permalink characters within 50. You can also use any of the keywords in the title. The option of automatic or manual permalink comes to you while writing the article. Choose the manual permalink option and edit the title accordingly.

Maintain The Right Keyword Density

It is important to keep the keyword density at around 2%, and the same advice will also be provided to you by the best SEO company in California. Stuffing of keyword will cause over optimization, while a lesser number of keywords than required would result in lesser search engine ranking. Once you have completely written the blog post, analyze it and see to it that the keywords are not distracting the readers and have been placed appropriately.

Provide Description And Footer Text

Apart from a right and suitably created title, it is also important for you to provide a “Description” and “Footer” text, which impacts the search engine rankings of a blog post heavily. These may also be the appropriate places for putting in the keywords.

You can also work on the meta tags and put the right images to make your blog post well optimized for SEO. A leading SEO service and the best SEO companies in the USA will help you know more about the best ways of SEO, and how to get the most of your online content.