What Does an SEO Agency Do When They Conduct SEO Research

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At the start of an SEO services campaign, every SEO company commences their services with a research phase. As the person running a website, you are probably wondering exactly what your SEO agency or company will be doing as they gather information and work with you to plan your SEO services for the future. There’s no need to feel confused or “in the dark” about SEO research. Here are the main components that comprise the research phase of your SEO services:

Check Out the Competition

From the very beginning, it will be vital for you to know who your competition is, where they are and the types of marketing that your competition is employing to get noticed. A San Diego SEO expert will gather all of this information for you and put it together into a user-friendly package so that you are able to make sense of it all. Your SEO Agency are customized depending upon the type of competition you are up against, the geographic area that your site needs to appeal to, and the strength of the marketing campaigns that are evident in your competition.

Research Keywords 

Once they know how your competition stacks up, a Las Vegas SEO company will then conduct keyword research. Keyword research involves finding the typical search terms that internet users enter into search engines when they look for websites similar to yours. Learning about the keywords related to your website will help you to know what specific keywords you can start including in your website’s content so that search engines can find your site more easily when the relevant keywords are entered by a user. This phase of the research process helps to give direction for your content strategy.

Develop a Strategy 

After learning about the keywords that are most relevant to your site, your SEO team will work with you to develop a content strategy for your site. Your team will make recommendations as to where your site can be improved or refreshed. They can also provide you with advice regarding the focus of both your brand and the content that is posted on your website. From here, you and your SEO Costa Mesa can move forward with a dedicated plan in place. This strategy gives you concrete steps that can be taken to improve your website’s visibility on the web.