Why It Is Important To Implement Voice Search Beyond Google

Why It Is Important To Implement Voice Search Beyond Google

Surveys and studies predict that voice searches will make up around 50% of total web searches by next year, i.e. 2020. There also have been other remarkable developments in the “voice search” segment lately, and these include a Speakable Schemas (marking of words most appropriate to be spoken by the search assistant) and the development of technological gadgets and devices including smart microphones, smart fridges, and smart speakers among others. While understanding voice search and implementing digital plans that can use it to enhance sales is necessary, it is also important to implement voice search strategies to other digital platforms as well, apart from Google.

The Importance of Optimizing Content For Voice Search Beyond Google

You may be aware that while voice assistant is an initiative by Google, other companies including Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are also in the game and have the proprietary search assistants by the name Siri, Cortana and Alexa respectively. Therefore millions of devices including smartphones and speakers are being guided by search assistants other than Google’s, and it is important to reach out to this large base of customers as well. Around 500 million devices are being powered by these other assistants, while the Google voice assistant is present in around 1 billion devices. The best SEO company in California will use the right strategy to bring to you the best of all worlds and results/revenues from different search engines at a time.

How to Optimize Beyond Google

Here are some ways and methods that can be used to include the other voice assistants in the digital marketing campaigns.

Use Schema

Schema.org has been developed jointly by Microsoft and Google. The markup is being understood by almost all the leading search engines including Google and Bing. The digital marketers and a leading digital marketing company fully understand that a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan should be all-inclusive. A schema is an easy way to create campaigns that can function across search engines.

Maintain Bing’s Business Places Profile

It is also important for the businesses to maintain an active profile on Bing (a web search engine owned by Microsoft) “places for business”. The content will also get access to Bing maps, which is the default application for Amazon’s Alexa.

Work On The Apple Map Listing

When you want to reach to the consumers using iPhone and Apple applications, it is important to tune the digital marketing strategy and do efforts so that the content is visible on Apple’s map listing as well.

A leading Orange County digital marketing agency and SEO service will test the worthiness of the content across search engines and with different voice assistants, and also use the SEO tools of Bing and other search engines to bring the clients the best results.